Bonanza Gap (incomplete)

New logoPrior to the Englewood Logging Railway being closed down, the projected route for the VI Trail from Woss to the north end of Nimpkish Lake was along the upper slopes and crest of the Bonanza Range.

This is now a lower priority, but eventually could still well be explored as a higher elevation alternative to the Englewood Rail Trail, a ‘route’ rather than a ‘trail’ suited only to experienced hikers wishing a greater challenge.

The Mount Ashwood area at the south end of the Bonanza Range can be accessed via the ridge north of Woss on the east side of the Gold Creek valley (i.e. via Mt. Markusen).  There is a high plateau with several small lakes and tarns situated south of Ashwood.  However, two recent hiking parties have found that hiking north from the Ashwood area is blocked by very steep, rocky and gullied terrain, forcing a descent into the upper reaches of the Bonanza River.